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Confronting Toxic Leadership with Steve Neal

Ever wondered what it takes to lead with integrity behind the badge? Join us as we sit down with Steve Neal, a law enforcement veteran of nearly three decades, whose story of transformation from a young man on the wrong side of the law to a champion for respectful policing will leave you inspired. Steve doesn't just share his journey; he takes us through the murky waters of law enforcement leadership, revealing how toxic relationships at the top can ripple down and impact the entire department. His book, "Toxic Boss Blues," dives into these turbulent dynamics, offering a lifeline to those struggling under the weight of problematic superiors.

Leadership can make or break the spirit of an organization, and nowhere is this more evident than in the corridors of law enforcement. This episode peels back the curtain on the kind of leadership that corrodes institutional morale — think micromanagement and biased discipline — and outlines why the shift in promoting leaders should favor those who prioritize authenticity and moral courage. Steve's reflections on how he navigated these treacherous leadership landscapes not only shed light on the issue but also provide valuable lessons and strategies for those in the throes of similar battles.

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Cat Burglars, a dangerous crime. Lt Joe and

Capt Steve Neal

A cat burglar is unique criminal who enters a person's home while they are asleep. Lt Joe and Capt Steve Neal talk about investigating a particular case.   

Badge to the Bone Podcast

Ep. 6: Toxic Bosses, and Yep, You Have Them

Former Police Captain Steve Neal and author of Toxic Boss Blues joins Badge to the Bone for some great discussion on toxic bosses within public safety. Badge to the Bone asks the tough questions of how we got here and how do we make a change. Most in public safety have experienced a toxic supervisor at one time or another. Toxic Boss Blues is a good resource highlighting some toxic examples while giving tips on how to handle working for a toxic boss. 

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March 17, 2014 - Law Enforcement Book excerpt

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