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   Steve Neal served as a law enforcement officer in Virginia for 29 years. During his tenure he was fortunate to experience a wide range of assignments which included Uniform Operations, Criminal Investigations, Covert Operations, Director of the Emergency Communications Center, Director of Training, Support Services Commander, and Inspector for the Office of Professional Standards. He has comprehensive knowledge on the subject of selection and development of a public safety workforce, expertise regarding covert investigations, and a special affinity for media relations.

   Steve’s distinguished law enforcement career includes many awards and commendations. He is proud of his reputation as a “cop’s cop,” a leader who places the welfare of those under his command as his top priority. He is respected by those who have served with him, and has been a mentor and coach to many officers. Steve is well known as a man of strong values, straight talk, and true to his word. Rebelling against injustice since childhood, he embodies the doctrine, “When you’re right you fight,” regardless of political consequences.

   Steve was the architect of Public Safety University (PSU), which was a partnership between the public safety community and the University of Richmond. Well over two-hundred officers obtained Bachelor and/or Master degrees through the PSU program.


   Co-founder and partner of the Leatherman & Neal public safety consulting team, Steve enjoys providing leadership training for peace officers. In addition to his consultancy, he currently works as a media contributor; furnishing analysis, consultation, and crime commentary for television broadcasters.

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